The loss of my friend and husband

Les passed away April 20th, after a long illness.  We had an open house on the Sunday afterward.  Bob worked up a very moving Powerpoint presentation of pictures of Les through the years. It played on several laptop computers throughout the afternoon event.  Our neighbors were wonderful and brought in food and took care of all the details.  Deborah, Tisha, Bob, Chinh, Vicki and Tooky were able to be here.  We are planning a graveside service in Tacoma this July 23rd. 

Since that time the kids have visited and helped out with details along the way.  And offered advice for getting everything straightened out that needs to be done.  We’ve managed to do some hiking along the way to get out and keep the mind clear.

At this time, I’m on a three week air trip around to visit the kids and even a 24hour visit to Chicago to see Vicki and Amanda, thanks to Bob’s Alaska airline program.  At this writing I am in Eagle River, AK and leaving tomorrow for Seattle. 

2 Responses to “The loss of my friend and husband”

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    Deborah Says:

    What were your impressions of your quick visit to Chicago?
    Before you know it…you will be an expert at packing your bags just as well as Dad did.

  2. 2
    Judy Says:

    The Griffins can pack more into any 24 hour time frame than anyone I know. The condo is very nice, the kids have done a great job of decorating on the cheap. The area is perfect for the girls. It was fun to meet Dan, he is a keeper. still working on the bag packing trick.

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